Pros & Cons of To confront him or not to, that is the queston

Created by anonymous on 02/20/2010

So my ex....I like him for a long time, he asked me a out a few times before I said yes, I knew he was going to hurt me...but he asked me out like four times, so I gave in and said yes. But the jerk went like four weeks no talking to me...I asked him if he wanted to break up, he said no...that he wanted to be with me everytime...than he said that he was to busy for a girlfriend right now, a little while before that I called him and told him that I thought that I was falling in love with him...he said that he didn't want to lie to me, he said that he didn't love me and I was fine with that, but after we broke up I was talking to him on IM and he said that he thought that he was falling in love with me too, and we said that we were going to be friends...and than I still tried to talk to him, thinking that we were still friends but he just ignored me. I'm over him, I met a new guy who is really sweet. But the thing is I miss my ex...not in a lover type of why....but I miss being friends with him.


1.  At last I'll know what happened, and I can stop beating my brains out.

Con Weight

2.  I'll understand

Con Weight

3.  I could get closure

Con Weight

4.  I could stop thinking that there is somthing wrong with me

Con Weight

5.  We could be friends again.

Con Weight


1.  I might not even be able to get in touch with him

Con Weight

2.  He might think I'm crazy

Con Weight

3.  Knowing why he won't talk to be could hurt me.

Con Weight

4.  He might say hurtful things to me

Con Weight

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