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Love of my life

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i am very in love. i know he loves me. but how much, really? can i stay in something that makes me happy, but not consistently? will it get better? I'm not a sensitive person normally. i can only think that something is making me act that way. if i had the guy that all the other girls had, i would never have a complaint or need for sensitivity. i would have the perfect boyfriend. he has a big heart, i just dont think its mine. this is only for me to see. I'm just sad & trying to make a decision I've been thinking about. I'm sure he has, too. i just want someone who wants to kiss me. someone who loves me a lot & thinks I'm pretty great.

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should i let him in my life

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2 men

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me and hubby

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yes no

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do it or not?

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I've been debating on whether my boyfriend and I need to break up. Here is what I've come up with so far.

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I am 47, he is 45. Met online.

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Not sure if I want to be with him...

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Reasons to go or not go.

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Ask her or not

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Stay or go

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Like or not?

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