Relationships & Sexuality

him or him

9 Pros / 9 Cons

Do i date her or do i friend zone her and

4 Pros / 4 Cons

Should he move out or....

2 Pros / 11 Cons

him and i

7 Pros / 6 Cons

Ive been dating this girl and weve been on and off for 2 years. Before she lost all her friends she was a dick and even though she talks to one of her best friends shes become a dick still.

2 Pros / 6 Cons


9 Pros / 6 Cons


4 Pros / 5 Cons

BF Lives in Cali. I love him deeply and I dont want to lose him but I'm scared of things going badly if he moves in.

10 Pros / 9 Cons

This list details the pros and cons of Johnny continuing to stay in what others consider a toxic relationship.

1 Pro / 9 Cons

Trying to decide whether or not it is healthy to stay in a relationship with my boyfriend

10 Pros / 17 Cons

we've been together 4 we continue?

15 Pros / 12 Cons

If I should ask my ex out again. He said it would be awesome if we could go out again, but he's been ignoring me lately

5 Pros / 6 Cons

Marriage to Clyde

11 Pros / 25 Cons

što ja želim, reci mi, reci

4 Pros / 4 Cons