8 Pros / 5 Cons

Whether I should still be an SLP

8 Pros / 7 Cons

Do I have what it takes to be an enterpreneur?

4 Pros / 2 Cons

For dental school

9 Pros / 9 Cons

Paying more money to go to a great school that is expensive and far away versus staying close to home.

7 Pros / 5 Cons

College assessment

7 Pros / 6 Cons

College assessment

8 Pros / 6 Cons

should be allowed

4 Pros / 2 Cons

Whether or not it's good to attend class in the long run

10 Pros / 10 Cons

Commuting? or no?

14 Pros / 10 Cons

Choosing between a new job in logistics,or staying a paramedic

6 Pros / 6 Cons

Moving from FL to WI, where I was raised and being near my sister, boyfriend and friends, against my parents' will.

8 Pros / 8 Cons

To be or not to be

8 Pros / 7 Cons

Deciding whether or not to go to an out of state school.

5 Pros / 5 Cons

I don't attend college in my home state, instead working for a year or so until I can move with my Navy romantic interest and his new duty station. Instead, I apply to schools near his station and attend university there for however long it takes me to finish nursing school.

6 Pros / 5 Cons